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My name is Jo Cummins and I have been an EFL Teacher since 2005. I have taught in Ecuador, the UK and Australia. Currently, I’m in London where I am a freelance materials writer, tutor and (mostly!) a mum.


About the blog

Just before undertaking my CELTA I had completed an MA in Teaching and Practice of Creative Writing (and before that a BA in English Literature). Throughout my teaching career I’ve tried to use some of my ideas about creative writing in class. I’ve built up a lot of resources on USB sticks, paper and in my head that I thought would be useful to share with other EFL teachers. Although these activities were designed with the ELT classroom in mind, I hope they can also serve as inspiration for anyone teaching English or creative writing in any setting.

If you are new to the blog, or to using creative writing, a good place to start might be my post on ‘Why use Creative Writing in ELT?’
I would love your comments, and also ideas of anything else I can include! If you have any great ideas or lesson plans using creative writing and would be interested in writing a guest post then please get in contact with me.

twitter: @jo_cummins



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